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About Us

About Us

At the heart of Aioli’s identity lies a profound passion for food fostered by the Culinary mastermind, Chef John Aboud. Inspired by the richness of culinary traditions from around the world, Chef John curated a menu which revolves around Globally inspired dishes with a heavy Mediterranean influence, blending classic techniques with an innovative flair.


The word “Aioli” itself is derived from two words: “ail” which is French for garlic and ‘oli” which is Catalan for oil. An Aioli encompasses these ingredients, which are at the heart of Mediterranean cooking, and in many ways it represents the essence of Mediterranean Cuisine and the ethos of our restaurant.


Behind every handcrafted dish there is a story of Chef John’s culinary adventures and treasured memories, taking us back to the very start of his journey which began with a vision to create and elevate food in Trinidad and Tobago. Nestled in the heart of Ellerslie Plaza in Maraval, Aioli is a celebration of culinary artistry in both our fine dining Restaurant and our Marketplace. 


At Aioli, our vision is to curate a transcendent culinary journey that embodies the epitome of fine dining sophistication. We aspire to create an opulent and refined gastronomic experience that enchants the senses, elevates the palate, and fosters unforgettable moments. 

The Chef

John Aboud

Our Chef is more than just a master of the kitchen, he is an artist with a palette of flavors. Chef John first fell in love with the alchemy of flavors at a young age in his grandmother's kitchen. At only 12 years old, he started experimenting in his very own backyard with food. 


Following his university studies in Economics and Management, Chef John pursued an education in the culinary arts, where he quickly excelled to the top of his class. Following this, he seized an opportunity to travel to Paris where he practiced his passion in a three Michelin star restaurant for many years, further developing his culinary expertise and of course fostering his love for all things food.


With his passion for food, he traveled the world and immersed himself in diverse cultures and cuisines, gathering inspiration from bustling markets, street food vendors, and Michelin-starred restaurants alike.


Drawing from his diverse background and global travels, Chef John transforms his personal experiences, memories and visions into culinary artistry that leave a lasting impression. Every dish is thoughtfully composed and reflects the essence of his formal training and travels.


The Restaurant

As you step into Aioli Restaurant, you are immediately embraced by an inviting ambience of sophistication and warmth. The decor exudes elegance and charm, with tasteful accents of our restaurant's unique personality and heart felt history. Our softly-lit ambience, coupled with delicate background music, allows the exquisite flavors of our dishes to take center stage as you savor the culinary voyage.


At Aioli Restaurant, elegance is not limited to aesthetics but also extended through gracious, unobtrusive service and thoughtfully composed dishes. Our dishes are a flawless symphony of flavors, textures and art, meticulously designed by our esteemed Chefs to showcase and share. Our Menu celebrates the vibrant, sun-drenched flavors of the Mediterranean through a culinary journey that's both authentic and avant-garde.

At our Pizza and Pasta Bar, every dish is crafted from start to finish. From kneading the dough, to handcrafting our pastas, our talented Chefs pour their passion into every element of our food. 


Complementing our menu is an extensive wine list, featuring unique and familiar selections from the Mediterranean region’s most renowned vineyards and our handcrafted cocktails, curated by our talented and passionate mixologists. 


Since our inception in 2013, our unwavering vision has remained steadfast- to transform the finest ingredients into culinary masterpieces designed to stimulate your senses, ignite your imagination and transport you.


We are guided by the unwavering pursuit of perfection in every aspect of our craft, from the selection of the finest ingredients to the artful presentation of each dish. Our commitment to excellence is mirrored in the precision and meticulousness of our plating, where aesthetics blend seamlessly with taste to create an unforgettable dining experience. 

The Marketplace

As you walk into Aioli Marketplace, prepare to be enchanted by the hundreds of options, inspired by the artisanal creations, captivated by the unparalleled culinary adventure that awaits you and of course drawn to the aroma of our freshly baked goods. 


With our Marketplace, we have crafted a place where flavors, innovation, and passion converge to create the ultimate haven for food enthusiasts. After launching Aioli Restaurant, Chef John wished to make his exceptional culinary experiences more easily accessible and as such the market place concept was developed to bring the flavors and artistry of our restaurant to you on-the-go. Innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of our Marketplace. 


Our extensive Marketplace offering is a testament of the ever-evolving world of gourmet cuisine, with seasonal specials and new creations gracing our shelves regularly. 


Aioli Marketplace redefines the notion of gourmet dining by offering you an elevated level of convenience. Whether you are planning a romantic dinner or seeking a lavish lunch on-the-go; the marketplace has it all. 


When you step into Aioli Marketplace, you aren’t walking into a store, you’re joining a community. We aim to nurture a community of food enthusiasts who share a passion for creating extraordinary dishes. From handcrafted cheeses to exclusive wines, to premium chocolates - each item in our Marketplace is carefully selected to represent the pinnacle of quality and taste.

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